TextCortex Review 2023 (Should you get it?)

TextCortex is an AI writing tool. The content marketing industry is undergoing a change thanks to the wide range of AI writers available. According to Statisa , 53% of adults believe that AI will help them in handling repetitive tasks more effectively.One of such AI wirters is TextCortex. This AI writer claims make the lives of marketers and content makers much easier by automating the process of content generation without losing the human touch. So we decided to test the tool and we will be covering its pros, cons, pricing and is it really for you? in this TextCortex review.

What is TextCortex?

TextCortex uses AI to create content for articles, social media, advertising campaigns that are witty and interesting etc. It’s AI algorithms look at patterns and data and then make text that is meant to sound like human talk. This makes sure that the content produced makes sense to the audience and makes them feel something.

TextCortex Review

Use Cases

Content Writing

Creating high-quality content all the time is a huge challenge for marketers. The tool helps by making high-quality blog posts, stories, product descriptions, and advertising text for websites. This makes it easier to make content, giving marketers more time to focus on planning.

For Email Marketing

Your email marketing strategy will succeed or fail based on how well you write subject lines, body text, and calls to action. It is helpful because it makes interesting content for users and makes more people open their emails.

Creating Landing Pages

Landing pages have a big effect on conversion rates. It creates headlines, content, and testimonials that will make people feel something and move them to act.

For creating content on social media

It takes a lot of work to make sure that social media outlets have regular and interesting content. It can make content that fits with the voice of your brand and keeps your social media profile active and interesting.


  • SEO Optimization – It doesn’t just create text but also gives tips on how to make it better for SEO and for people to read. This makes the material better by making it easier to find and more interesting.
  • Time Saving – With the software, marketers may have more time for planning and coming up with new ideas. Because the technology makes it easier to make material, campaigns can be started much faster.
  • Brand Voice – The AI writer is fully automated, but it doesn’t hurt the company in any way. Users can give thorough instructions to make sure that the content generated fits with the business’s intended tone and message.
  • Content Scaling – It makes marketers more productive by letting them make more content in less time. The AI-driven method makes sure that everything always sounds, looks, and feels the same.
  • Multiple Content Generation – TextCortex can create material for a wide range of marketing platforms and meet the needs of a wide range of campaigns because it is flexible.


  • Lacks human touch sometimes – Content made by AI saves time and effort, but it may not be as complex or original as things written by people.


  • The tool offers prices that take into account what each customer needs. Companies that want to simplify their marketing spend can opt for Unlimited plan because the improved productivity and content quality are worth it.
  • For most of the people out there, Lite plan is a decent value for money offering.
TextCortex Pricing


It is easy to integrate to current marketing systems and processes because it can be integrated in a variety of ways. This makes it easy to add content made by AI to marketing efforts that are already underway.

TextCortex for Marketing needs

TextCortex makes marketing materials better by making them more interesting and easy to read. Reading something interesting keeps a person’s attention and gets them to do what needs to be done.

It is important to have a uniform marketing message about your business in all of your marketing materials. Using TextCortex you can leverage your marketing campaigns by creating content tailored to your potential customers with the style and message of your brand.

It creates content so marketing teams can focus on long-term planning and building relationships with clients. Gains in efficiency can lead to more work and, by default, more money.


TextCortex is a great tool if you are looking for creating content and deploying a system to scale content.

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