ActiveCampaign vs tinyEmail (Full Comparison 2024)

If you are wondering about ActiveCampaign vs tinyEmail then this article is for you. In this comprehensive comparison we will be examining the pros, cons, pricing and which tool is perfect for you.

Activecampaign vs tinyemail,
ActiveCampaign vs tinyEmail

What is ActiveCampaign?

ActiveCampaign is a complete marketing automation platform with many tools and capabilities. Email campaigns are created and sent with ActiveCampaign.

It has developed to offer many features for businesses of all kinds since its inception in the year 2003.

ActiveCampaign Benefits

ActiveCampaign offers advanced email marketing options. The software simplifies email campaign creation, organization, and tracking.

It allows drag-and-drop adjustments to existing email themes.

ActiveCampaign makes it easy to categorize your email list by criteria to target the correct people.

To streamline marketing and sales, ActiveCampaign integrates CRM. The platform has a robust CRM for managing contacts, customer interactions, and automation. Integration of email marketing and CRM lets organizations understand more about their customers and personalize their relationships.

ActiveCampaign automates well. Through automation you can send personalized emails, stay in touch with leads, and track results based on email interaction. Businesses save time and improve marketing with automation.

ActiveCampaign interfaces and add-ons add features. The app connects to Shopify, WordPress, and Salesforce. This simplifies workflow and data sync for enterprises. SMS marketing and site tracking enable organizations personalize ActiveCampaign marketing. These extras help organizations market and engage customers.

What is tinyEmail?

TinyEmail is a small yet powerful email client that allows you manage your emails. Simple design and interface make TinyEmail easier to use.

TinyEmail Benefits

It integrates with HubSpot and Salesforce. Businesses can synchronize customer data and track contacts with this tool to learn how customers feel about them.

TinyEmail’s advanced e-commerce integration helps businesses track consumer purchases, offer products depending on their needs, and track email campaign revenue. This link provides businesses with information and resources to strengthen their e-commerce plans and make more money. Online retailers can learn how to make more money using this tool.

TinyEmail connects in numerous ways. It integrates Google Analytics, WordPress, Zapier, and CRM. Business efficiency can be improved by adding email marketing to its software stack.


ActiveCampaign offers Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise plans. Each level provides unique tools and options. The $49-per-month package is ideal for small enterprises that send a few emails. Improve to use CRM, SMS marketing, and lead scoring. These elements boost your business’s skills. Enterprise pricing is tailored to large organizations and based on size.

TinyEmail offers four different types of plans. The $15-per-month Basic plan is appropriate for small enterprises and individuals with basic email marketing needs. The $65-per-month Pro package includes data and A/B testing. The Enterprise plan has a pricing, personal assistance, and several customization options.

For the latest prices, see official sites.

Consider user experience and ease of use when choosing an email marketing and CRM application. TinyEmail and ActiveCampaign aim to simplify their platforms.

Easy To Use

Easy-to-use ActiveCampaign looks tidy. The site is easy to use for non-technical users. The visual automation builder and drag-and-drop email editor make it easy to create and customize emails and automate procedures. ActiveCampaign emphasizes usability and effectiveness.

The TinyEmail design is straightforward. The application simplifies user experience with a simple way. Set up and customize the email editor and link easily. Even though it lacks ActiveCampaign’s advanced features, the UI is simple and accessible to all skill levels.

ActiveCampaign and TinyEmail assist new users get started. The ActiveCampaign knowledge base offers many papers and tutorials. This book teaches how to start and fix issues. They offer email and live chat support. TinyEmail offers email support, video training, and a knowledge base.

ActiveCampaign and TinyEmail’s capacity to create, tweak, and automate emails boosts email marketing and CRM software.

Creating Emails

The drag-and-drop editor lets firms easily adjust text, photos, and other features to create customised emails. ActiveCampaign’s dynamic content enables organizations customise emails based on subscriber data.

TinyEmail includes similar email-creation and customization features. Choose from several templates or utilize the platform’s simple editor to create your own designs. Even if ActiveCampaign has more templates, firms can still make good-looking emails.


ActiveCampaign’s visual workflow builder enables users set up automation sequences that start when a subscriber opens an email. Automation may save organizations time and personalize client experiences, but don’t overuse it.

TinyEmail helps users automate tailored emails to subscribers when they click links or buy anything. Even while it doesn’t have as many advanced automation features as ActiveCampaign, it includes significant features that can help firms automate email marketing.

Campaign triggers, audience segmentation, reporting, and analytics from ActiveCampaign and TinyEmail allow organizations send personalized emails depending on subscriber behavior, segment their audience, and track email campaign performance.

CRM Features

ActiveCampaign’s CRM solution manages contacts, tracks customer interactions, and automates tasks. The critical customer data is in one location, making customer connections easier to manage and evaluate. The CRM connection syncs the

TinyEmail syncs customer data with HubSpot and Salesforce and records all exchanges. This shows how customer relations are going.

ActiveCampaign’s built-in CRM solution streamlines procedures and provides a complete customer journey by centralizing customer data and marketing initiatives. Due to its connection options, TinyEmail lets businesses use their favorite CRM system.
Add-ons and Integrations

ActiveCampaign and TinyEmail’s key third-party integrations and any unique extensions will be discussed.

TinyEmail uses Google Analytics to analyze website data, WordPress to manage content, and Zapier to automate operations. Even though it has fewer connections than ActiveCampaign, it integrates with key resources that help organizations succeed.

ActiveCampaign integrates with Shopify, making it ideal for online stores. TinyEmail’s integration with Google data may help website data marketers more than others.

Delivery Rate Impacts

Email deliverability means it reaches the recipient’s inbox without being flagged as spam. Deliverability is key to email marketing strategies. Compare ActiveCampaign with TinyEmail’s stated or tested deliverability rates to discuss email delivery. Each platform has pros and cons.

Email delivery is crucial because if your emails don’t reach your target audience, all your design and personalization efforts are wasted. ActiveCampaign and TinyEmail prioritize email delivery and use ways to accomplish so.

ActiveCampaign’s email deliverability rates are the best in the market because they follow email best practices, monitor sender reputation, and use SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication procedures. The software allows you test your inbox and spam score to improve deliverability.

Controlling IP reputation, obeying anti-spam laws, and providing tools to track and improve email campaigns makes TinyEmail easier to use. Even though the site does not offer deliverability rates, it aims to make sending emails reliable.

Businesses should regularly remove inactive or uninterested subscribers, personalize emails to make them more relevant and interesting, and track email metrics like open rates and click-through rates to find and fix deliverability issues on ActiveCampaign and TinyEmail.

Privacy and GDPR compliance

This review discusses how ActiveCampaign and TinyEmail protect your data and comply with GDPR and CCPA. Data leaks and privacy legislation have made data security and compliance more vital.

ActiveCampaign protects user data with industry-standard encryption for data transport and firewalls and intrusion detection systems for stored data. Site security audits and assessments to discover and remedy gaps are also done regularly.

The platform sends and stores data encrypted and updates its systems to remedy security gaps. TinyEmail is devoted to protecting your data, even though it doesn’t disclose its data security practices.

ActiveCampaign and TinyEmail users should assess their needs and compare their capabilities. This involves checking each platform’s data security and ensuring that compliance features match government requirements without adding more information.


After briefly considering ActiveCampaign and TinyEmail, you can try both. Free samples or trial versions will help you in gaining familiarity of the platforms.

Sign up for a free sample of ActiveCampaign’s email marketing, CRM, and automation tools to see if they match your business’s needs.

TinyEmail’s website lets you sample it for free to evaluate how effectively it does email marketing by tracking the metrics and how smoothly it integrates and fits in your other marketing techniques.

Please share your ActiveCampaign or TinyEmail experience below. Commenting can help others choose the finest email marketing and CRM tool.

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